Q: How do I name my Corgi?

A: To customize your corgi’s name, point at the corgi to bring up the customization menu.  Afterwards, use your other other hand, and press the pencil icon to the left of your corgi’s name (“Corgi” by default).  A keyboard will appear.  Erase the default name, type in the new name, and press the check mark key to save. Once named, the corgi’s name will remain between sessions. But don’t worry! You can always change the name again if you like.

Q: How do I make sure the stuff I build stays where I want it?

A: The best way to do this is to use the Bolt Down feature.  All of the Basic props, and most of the Advanced props have this option.  Simply point at the object, refer to the prop context menu, and push the right part of the track pad to “Toggle Bolt.”  This will freeze/unfreeze the physics on that prop.

Q: I’ve placed waypoints, but my Corgi doesn’t always follow my path, why is that?

A: The corgi will do its best to follow the path that has been established by the waypoints, but prop interactions may derail this from time to time.  Making prop (e.g. placement, bolt down, etc.) or waypoint adjustments can help improve the predictability. Experimenting is part of the fun!

Q: Why is my Corgi not jumping?

A: If the last waypoint is set to jump, then the corgi will not perform that action, because it has reached the end of the waypoint path. Try adding an additional waypoint (maybe add a slide!) to allow the jump to complete.

Q: How can I let my friends play the stunts I’ve made?

A: The easiest way is to invite them over to give it a try! But, if you have really cool friends who have Stunt Corgi VR at home, you can share your stunts with them! You can read the specific instructions on how to do that on our Steam Page.