Stunt Corgi VR is aimed at the casual and hardcore players alike.  It comes with tons of premade levels to inspire and show what the game is able to do.  It is very easy to learn but also allows for insane course construction that will satisfy the most demanding imaginations.

We are very committed to sharing with our audience the full capabilities of Stunt Corgi.  These videos demonstrate all the different combinations of props to create the ultimate stunt course.  It is also meant as a springboard for the user to enhance and expand their own course designs.  Please take a look at more videos on our YouTube channel.

These in-game images show some of the most memorable moments from Stunt Corgi.  It showcases a wide variety of dangerous situations that our corgi overcomes during the game.  The corgi’s exploits are limited only by your imagination.  Test the full limits of what this corgi can do.  Go play it now!!!